Embracing Sustainability in Modern Design

Modern Gesture established since 2011

At Modern Gesture, we’ve asked the question, “How can we design more sustainably and show innovative design thinking in the manufacturing process?” Eco-design includes finding creative and innovative ways to design using our offcuts of wood, thus reducing our environmental impact, and developing products that are unique and enhance our societal image.

Over the years we have designed products sustainably that feature modular thinking and closed loop systems in the business. This in turn accelerates our production, lowers our energy consumption, optimises the material to a fuller usage and crafting products to be flat packed making shipping cost-effective.


Biomimicry can be considered a rising movement that stresses the derivation of “innovative and environmentally sound design from organic systems” Designers are well positioned to influence sustainable materials utilization and provide a longer lifespan in lighting, homeware and furniture design.

We identify biomimicry as a merging of nature, technology, science and a spiritual component that incorporates elements of innovative and environmentally sound design from organic systems.

This design thinking has shown that good design can enhance ecosystem services.

Paradigm shift

Design offers us new opportunities to espouse eco-design aspects. In this transition, a Paradigm Shift, the conscious recognition that one sees and feels the current world differently is experienced.

An example is how our best seller the Woven Necklace Lampshade’s off-cuts are used in the design of the Handdoek Stoeltjie. 

The 3/10 Helix lampshade was inspired through experimentation, manipulation and understanding of its possibilities and daily play with the offcuts of wood from our Woven Ring Pendant. 

Because of the α-helices tendency to consistently fold and unfold, it has been suggested that the 3/10-Helix serves as an intermediary confirmation of sorts, and provides insight into the initiation of α-helix folding.

Change is unfolding…..